Arrivée à Delhi

Je suis merveilleusement accueillie ici quelques jours chez Marielle et
Biplap Muzibar Rahaman:
"I do not know how to describe myself. I am a man from a village of West Bengal, 140 k.m. north from Calcutta. Spent my first 16 year ( Most of the time) in my village. It is like a bless in my life. Now I feel it was a great time that I miss. Then Calcutta and when I was 19, joined the art college in Calcutta and it took 5 years to get a degree from Calcutta University. Oh! Since then I do photography and painting both at a moment. Till now I feel I am not a photographer. Because I compare with all great photographers around the world. I feel jealous and get depressed when I see any good work by great photographer. Now it is like drinking water to me. I can not survive without camera. A profession like photojournalist in India is..I do not know what to say....not possible for me. Also this is not the time to tell the truth. (What is "truth" anyway) One more thing that I realized. I have to act directly, I mean when I am a painter I have to organize everything to grow up as a real painter. It is not different whenever I am a photographer. Through Flickr website, I do not attract more than 30 people,I think about the whole population of the world. Not a problem, I would like to work more and still trying my own way to speak something special or different.

I am living in Delhi now.

Love to all of you, who shared these few lines with me. And regards too, the best regards. Respect is the prime matter to build up a civilization. So, I respect you all from my deep core of my mind and soul."

Pour découvrir le travail de Biplap:


  1. Superbes photos et peintures de Biplab! Merci.
    Je retiens aussi son «Respect is the prime matter to build up a civilization»


    1. Je découvre seulement maintenant votre message. Voilà qui ferait plaisir à un artiste doué de talent, d'intelligence et d'humanité et qui a peine à se faire découvrir. Je lui transmets donc