Performance Art

7th, 8th, 9th july from 6.30pm:
performances Where is the body
9th july from 6.30pm:
opening Here was the body
10th to 17th july 4-8pm : 
exhibition Where was the body

What would it mean if performance artists make exhibitions without showing their own bodies in live and how would those called the documentation be able to represent the live performance? Conceived by the artists Béatrice Didier and River Lin, Where The Body Is/Was is a presentation questioning the relationship between the presence and absence of the artist’s body before,during and after performance.
For transforming the meaning between the formation of exhibition and performance, the artists will be performing in the gallery until the opening of this exhibition and the audience is welcome to spectate and participate the making of the performance/ exhibition. The exhibition would be therefore conceptually closed and completed whilst it opens. During the exhibition Where The Body Is/Was, you might see those called the remains, trace, archive, or something needs to be redefined.