Weapon of Poetry, R-Space Gallery Lisburn, 21/10/2014

Foto @ Béatrice Didier
Fotos @ Jordan Hutchings
Foto @ Rainer Pagel

Video documentation by Maxim Surin

Weapon of Poetry was created for the R-Space Gallery, in the context of Bel - Esse Exchange organized by Bbeyond, in collaboration with PAErsche

NEWS V, Hochbunker 101, 10/10/2014,8-10pm

Foto @ Béatrice Didier

Foto @ Béatrice Didier

Foto @ UJB

Foto @ UJB

Foto @ UJB

Foto @ UJB

Foto @Lala Nomada
Foto @ UJB

Foto @ Lala Nomada

News v was created in the context of PAErsche evening at Bunker k101

No tears, Blo Ateliers Berlin, 05/09/2014

Foto @ Beatrice Didier

Foto @ Luz Scherwinski
Foto @ Kari Jantzen
Foto @ Luz Scherwinski

Foto @ Beatrice Didier

Pallid face, dead eyes, cold lips.  Silence.  A broken heart without breath, without words, no tears. Spinelli

This action was created in the context of the festival SURVIVAL
Thanks to Anja Ibsch for her collaboration.

With the support of  http://www.wbi.be/

Oma:dgo a la homoi sen limoï III, Tempelhofer Berlin, sept 2014 4-8pm

Foto © Béatrice Didier

Foto © Béatrice Didier

Foto © Béatrice Didier

Foto © Anja Ibsch

Foto © Myk Henry

Foto © Luz Scherwinski

Foto © Luz Scherwinski

Foto © Béatrice Didier

Oma:dgo al la 'homoï sén limoï is a performance which was created in june 2012, from the list of countries in esperanto language.
Oma:dgo al la 'homoï sén limoï was presented at the Kunstlerforum in Bonn in the context of Paersche events, at the Artpotheek in Brussels, and at the French Alliance of Yangon Institute in the context of the IMMAF festival which was organized by New Zero.

This long durationnal version was created for the festival SURVIVAL
Thanks to all passers and white flags;)

With the support of  http://www.wbi.be/

Fire..., Monthelon, august 2014

Copyright: Béatrice Didier/ Michaël Panknin
Fire was realized in the context of a rehearsal about performance art organized  by Monica Klingler at Chateau de Monthelon

ACTUS II, 22th march 2014

Performance Art event in Frameries

Fully dedicated to Performance Art, ACTUS events are an opportunity for an encounter between performance artists who are active on the stage of contemporary art and the audience .

Ephemeral , Performance Art is a unique experience of sharing time , space , action. It happens only once and is based on the actual presence of the various protagonists. The actions proposed by performers are generally plastic , non-theatrical , without artifice or effects control . They leave the viewer the freedom of a subjective reading.

The first edition of ACTUS has set up this project as a privileged platform for experimentation and reflection on this artistic movement. It was held at Les Brasseurs (Liege) in February 2012 and organised by Ricochets in collaboration with the University of Liege. Five artists from Germany and Belgium presented their work in a solo and "Open Session" (collective improvisation Performance Art), see the following link for more details.
http://culture.ulg.ac.be/jcms/prod_918147/dossier / the -art- performance - the -place- of - viewer

For ACTUS II, 8 artists and one philosopher will unpack their luggage at the Fabrique of Frameries and exchange their practices for two weeks.
This collective residence will lead to a public presentation on March 22nd 2014.

Practical information
Residents: Elisa Andessner (Austria) - Marita Bullman (Germany) - Alice De Visscher (Belgium) - Béatrice Didier ( Belgium) - Rachel Echenberg (Canada) - Maud Hagelstein (Belgium) - Lala Nomada (Mexico / Germany) - Sylvie Pichrist ( Belgium) - Evamaria Schaller (Germany / Austria)

Saturday, March 22, 2014
3 pm- 6.30 pm:
Young participants workshop presentation
Performances "solo"
Installations and video projections / performance pictures
8 pm:
Round Table with Maud Hagelstein around “Performance Art”
9 pm:
Open Session
Dinner/Discussion between artists and the public about the Open Session

Free entrance. Booking is requested:


A Ricochets initiative , with the support of PAErsche , La Fabrique, Arts2 - Academy of Arts , Canada Council for the Arts, BMUKK, Linz Kultur et Land Oberösterreich

To follow artists and ACTUS: https://www.facebook.com/Actusricochets

Arbeit macht.... or 1212 stones, Linz, 20/02/2014 *

 Action: From 7 am to 7 pm: to carry granit stones from the Danube to the Atelierhaus Salzamt.

Photos: Petra Moser

This action led to an installation ( objects, fotos, notes...)  in the context of the exhibition EIGHT, curated by Elisa Andessner at Atelierhaus Salzamt


* This performance is dedicated to all slave laborers from yesterday and today, all over the world…

With the support of  http://www.wbi.be/

"Chant d'espoir", from Mauthausen to Linz, 16/02/2014*

After visiting the camp of Mauthausen with Elisa, Hugh, Leo and Sara, I asked them to let me on the path near the river to come back to Atelierhaus Salzamt by foot, with 30 kgs of salt on back and learning the song "Chant d'espoir" which was composed by Jean Cayrol and Remy Gillis in 1944 ...

 From Mauthausen
Chapel of Mauthausen ( foto Béatrice Didier )

Starting point ( foto Hugh O Donnell )

 To Linz
Nibelgungbrucke ( foto Béatrice Didier)

This "walking performance" led to an installation ( objects, sounds, texts, fotos,...)  in the context of the exhibition EIGHT, curated by Elisa Andessner at Atelierhaus Salzamt

Thanks to Geneviève Dufey, Sylvia Hofer, Mathieu Richelle, Lutz Scholz and Jeanne Vanderwael

* This performance/installation is dedicated to my grandfather whose i forgot the name

With the support of  http://www.wbi.be/