DOE A YAE VI, 02/04/2021


DOE A YAE VI*  est une action créée le 02/04/2021 pour le lancement de TRANSNATION


TRANSNATION est une réponse nécessaire et immédiate aux menaces qui pèsent sur les vies et libertés démocratiques de nos collègues artistes, travailleur/ses culturel/les et personnes du monde entier. Nous manifestons notre solidarités envers celles et ceux qui, opprimé/es par des régimes autoritaires, luttent pour la démocratie et la justice sociale. Nous nous engageons à protéger les artistes, travailleur/ses de la culture et personnes contre toute forme de harcèlement et de répression étatiques. Nous défendrons les libertés civiles et défendrons la démocratie populaire.

A cette occasion, TRANSNATION demande à l'armée du Myanmar – exige l'armée du Myanmar - dont le coup d'Etat violent a l'intention de réinstaurer une dictature militaire – de mettre fin à leur brutalité ainsi qu'à la loi martiale.


* action Béatrice Didier - captation Geneviève Dufey 

HERE AND NOW (For Online CuerpAs International performance art festival )


Here and now....

Here is earth
Here is air
Here is water
Here is fire
Here is physical space

Here is my body
Here are my writing hands 
Here are my eyes looking to the paper
Here are my nostrils from which i can feel my breath
Here are my feets feeling the cold from the ground
Here are my painful ankles
Here are my shinbones
Here are my knees
Here are my legs
Here are my thighs
Here are my hips
Here is my vagina
Here are my buttocks
Here is my urinary bladder
Here is my belly and my belly button
Here is my stomach
Here is my diaphragm
Here is my intestine
Here is my pancreas
Here is my liver
Here is my colon
Here is my spleen
Here are my ribs 
Here are my chest and my breast
Here are my lungs
Here is my back and my spine
Here are my shoulders blades and my shoulders
Here are my armpits
Here are my arms
Here are my elbows
Here are my forearms
Here are wrists
Here are my hands and my fingers
And then here is my neck. With a congenital stiffneck
Here is my pharynx
Here are my lymph nodes
Here is my face
Here is  my noise
Here is my mouth
Here are my lips
Here are my teeths and my tongue
Here are my cheeks
Here are my eyes
Here are my eyebrows and my eyelashes
Here are my ears
Here are my hairs
Here is my brain with neurons
Here are sensations, emotions, movements and consciousness
Here is my hearth.
Here are beats of my hearth.
Here is the blood
4 to 5 liters of blood circulate in this body
A body which is here and now
Now is now, between past and future
Now is now, never was and will come back
Now is the moment to be alive
A body alive in a physical space connected to other bodies
A body alive in a physical space
A body which need to be
Let  the body to be
Let the body to become
Let the body to become and give
Let the body to feel
Let the body to act
Let the the body to slap
Let the body to look
Let the body to cook
Let the body to crock
Let the body to carry
Let the body to crack
Let the body to kick
Let the body to skip
Let the body to tickle
Let he body to listen
Let the body to tense
Let the body to danse
Let the body to dump
Let the body to pump
Let the body to plump
Let the body to plume
Let the body to lump
Let the body to limp
Let the body to climb
Let the body to clamp
Let the body to padd
Let the body to paddle
Let the body to punch
Let the body to crunch
Let the body to crush
Let the body to cry
Let the body to try
Let the body to fly
Let the body to flick
Let the body to kick
Let the body to rip
Let the body to reap
Let the body to weep
Let the body to wave
Let the body to shake
Let the body to sake
Let the body to seek
Let the body to speak
Let the body to sleep
Let the body to slip
Let the body to stick
Let the body to seed
Let the body to eat
Let the body to hit
Let the body to tap
Let the body to clap
Let the the body to pat
Let the body to squat
Let the body to scratch
Let the body to crash
Let the body to smash
Let the body to mash
Let the body to clash
Let the body to lash
Let the body to catch
Let the body to grasp
Let the body to grab
Let the body to grow
Let the body to grow up
Let the body to throw up
Let the body to throw
Let the body to draw
Let the body to craw
Let the body to maw
Let the body to know
Let the body to saw
Let the body the body to see
Let the body to sweat
Let the body to sit
Let the the body to think
Let the body to sink
Let the body to drink
Let the body to rink
Let the body to link
Let the body to blink
Let the body to clinck
Let the body to pinck
Let the body to be punk
Let the body to hunk
Let the body to gunk
Let the body to gump
Let the body to jump
Let the body to scrump
Let the body to trump not to be Trump
Let the body to run
Let the body to rant
Let the body to land
Let the body to plant
Let the body to plan
Let the body to play
Let the nody to pray
Let the body to lay 
Let the body to laugh
Let the body to love
Let the body to feel in love
Let the body to be in love

Let the body to be

To be here and now
(go from Now to No)
(go from No to Not)
Not online
But here and now

	Béatrice Didier, 19/10/2020, with the voice of Hester Draycott

Hour - Bergen International Performance Festival (BIPF) Kunstgarasjen - 28 February to 1 March 2020



Performance Art Bergen proudly presents;
HOUR: Bergen International Performance Festival 2020
Performance art and one day seminar at Kunstgarasjen
Friday 28 February: 17.45
24 hours group collective performance
28 February: 18.00 continue to 18.00 on 29 February
One day seminar
Sunday 1 March: 14.00 - 17.30
HOUR is a performance art, collective encounter which 24 artists from Norway, Nordic and international countries migrate, interact within and share time, space and materials over a 24 hour period follow by one day seminar. HOUR is curated by Pavana Reid for Performance Art Bergen. .

On Friday 28th February at 18.00, artists enter the shared space, one by one, on the hour, every hour and remain in the space for the 24 hour period. The artists perform together and will end the performance collectively at 18.00 on Saturday 29th February.
12 artists have been invited to participate in BIPF 2020 and 12 artists have been selected through an Open Call:
Alastair Maclennan, Sinead O'Donnell, Thomas Wells,  Niamh Seana Meehan, Manuel Lopez, Nieves Correa, Marilyn Arsem,Chomphunut Puttha, Tanya Mars, Ivonne Navas Dominguez, Sandrine Schaefer, John Court, Olga Prokhorova, Mads Floor Andersen, Gustaf Broms, Thomas Reul, Ingeborg Blom Andersskog, Béatrice Didier,  Andriy Helytovych, Ana Matev, Sajan Mani, Marta Bosowska, Rita Marhaug, Jan-Egil Finne.

Among the audiences, students from Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen (KMD) will take part in a writing workshop “Witness” Experiential Writing: text as a means to document performance which organise by Eleanor Clare and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen.
On Sunday1st March at 14.00, the seminar begins with About Real Time and Constructed Time a lecture performance by Kurt Johannessen. Follow by Reflection a panel discussion which Sylvie Ferrè, Øyvind Kvalnes, Douglas Park, Eleanor Clare, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and Kurt Johannessen will share their experience with the 24 participants and audiences of the performance HOUR. The seminar will finish with short presentations by the students.

HOUR BIPF 2020 is supported by:
Performance Art Bergen, Nordic Culture Fund, City of Bergen, Arts Council Norway, Kunstgarasjen, Hordaland County, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen (KMD) and H. Westfal-Larsen og Hustru Anne Westfall-Larsen´s Almennyttigefond

Catalogue PAErsche Art of Encountering VII

Some days ago i was glad to receive the catalogue from PAErsche about Art of Encountering VII.
If you want to get this catalogue, please contact PAErsche

Dream of Earth without boundaries III

Sur la place du marché, Béatrice Didier s'installe au côtés des marchands.
A la place des légumes à vendre,  : le cachet 土壤夢 ( Rêve de Terre ) réalisé lors de sa performance à Xi'an en avril dernier, une machine à écrire et des feuilles d'arbre.
Béatrice Didier, pendant deux heures, accomplit la simple action d'écrire « Dream » sur des feuilles d'arbre. A la requête d'une passante, le mot « Dream » se transformera en « Fight for Peace » puis « Peace » puis « Rêve ». Des échanges s'accomplissent entre l'artiste et habitants de Guishan, malgré la frontière des langues.
A la fin de sa performance, une enfant s'approche, découvrant le mode de la machine à écrire et les caractères d'une écriture inconnue pour elle.

Dream of Earth without boundaries III

Performance Art

 Photos © Béatrice Didier & Yifei Hu

This performance was created in the context of Open Art Performance Festival, 
curated by Chen Jin and Yifei Hu.

With the support of Wallonie Bruxelles International

Dream of Earth without boundaries II

On the beach of Guishan Island, a stone installation. Under the stones, a soundtrack performed in situ: sound of footsteps from the shipyard to the edge of the sea, sound of a phrase repeated during the walk: "Dream of earth without boundaries dream of earth without boundaries, dream of earth without boundaries .... Dream of birds without boundaries. Without boundaries without boundaries ..."

The audience, invited to gather around the pile of stones to listen to the soundtrack, can follow in the landscape a body dressed in black. Gradually, this body is getting closer. We can see that this body carries a big stone.

Approaching the sea, the body lays the stone on a rock and then rises in balance, facing the sea.

Faraway, we can perceive the flag of China. The flag of a nation.

Nearby, facing the flag, a hand rises and brandishes feathers, these escaping to the horizon: "Birds without boundaries.... without boundaries...."

On the rock, remains the the stone, some feathers and sunflowerseeds.

Performance Art

Photos © Béatrice Didier, Beate Linne & Yifei Hu

This performance was created in the context of Open Art Performance Festival, 
curated by Chen Jin and Yifei Hu.

With the support of Wallonie Bruxelles International