HERE AND NOW II, 15th july 2022 at Milford House, Convergence Festival


To be here and now 









Not online

But here and now

This performance has been created for the festival Convergence.

Based on the text Here and Now (which became the soundtrack of the performance), the action took place from the office room to the entrance of the Milford House where an old beech tree stands.

Convergence of writing and speech
Convergence of past and present
Convergence of beings (tree and human)
Convergence of living beings
Photos @Jordan Hutchings.
With the support of WBI 


SIX HOURS IN SILENCE, 18th and 19th june 2022 in Linz

Action :
From 4 to 7pm. During two days...
to sit in silence in front of a special mirror, by writing silence on a miror table.
Each visitor was invited to sit in front of traces of past performances in Linz and/or in front of me, by looking to each other. Here and now.
This performance was realized in the context of  The Non-fungible Body performance, festival curated by Freda Fiala and River Lin, at OK Center for Contempary Art in Linz.
Photos @ Béatrice Didier, Nurith Wagner and Robert Maybach




17. - 19. June 2022 at OK and Landestheater Linz

Linz has a new performance festival.  It brings together artists to address the importance of the live experience for our shared public sphere, focusing on the living body’s relationship to the digital economies of our time.

What do momentariness, uniqueness and (ir)replaceability mean to us, both in the context of the real and the virtual?

How do performance artists deal with the living body and its relationship to the virtual economies of our time?

This is an invitation to explore spicy intersections: of the body and the archive, of live performance and its digital renderings, of the physical space and the metaverse

With Cibelle Cavalli Bastos (BR), Marita Bullmann (DE), Yun-Chen Chang (TW), Beatrice Didier (BE), Jan Hakon Erichsen (NOR), David Henry Nobody Jr. (US), Sara Lanner (AT), Sajan Mani (IN), Boris Nieslony (DE), Yiannis Pappas (GR), Jianan Qu (CHN), Xavier Le Roy (FR), Sarah Trouche (FR), Rong Xie (Echo Morgan) (CHN)


Curators: Freda Fiala and River Lin

More Info and Program Booklet 

A day in silence



On December 4,

At dawn,

When birds will sing for the sunrise,

I will go and enter in silence at 8, avenue de Visé in Boisfort.
In a house emptied of its old inhabitants,
In the solitude of a room,
I’ll read
Eloge of silence without a voice.
I'll count the number of words "silence", "silences", "silently" ...

I'll extract them from the book.
Until this one empties itself of his/its silence/s.
Until this/these silence/s take shape differently in space.

It will be the end.

End of a day in silence.


This action is part of Pssst- a worldwide performance festival for silence and be silent, conceptualized and curated by Stefan US


Description of the action 

8.05 am:

Starting of the book's reading : « Eloge du silence » written by Smedt

Cutting the silence in 2 steps : 

1. right-hand pages from the beginning to the end 

2. left-hand pages from the end to beginning.

Each word « silence » (or related to silene) is cutted, counted in a small notebook, placed on a wood's plate. 

End of action : 06.25pm 

ps: one mistake was done once during the cutting: the word "parler";)


Visual traces 


 Photos © Béatrice Didier & Evamaria Schaller

Thanks to Alice de Visscher for hosting the project




 Into Your Life Strasbourg ‍

Ce 11 juillet, sur le pont qui relie Strasbourg en France et Kehl en Allemagne, il s'est agi d'écrire.

Le temps d'un instant avec une feuille d'arbre.

Le temps d'un instant pour traduire les sensations en mots, en phrases, en questions. 

Le temps d'un instant pour jouer à 3 lignes avec une règle des syllabes: 5,7,5... 

Le temps d'un instant pour être là, écrire, laisser les feuilles se poser ou suivre le cours du pont.

Le temps d'un instant pour rencontrer l'autre.

Le temps d'un instant au milieu des passants sur le Pont de l'Europe...


Into Your Life Strasbourg a été réalisé dans le cadre d' INACT Festival des Arts Mutants 2021 

                                                Photos : Christophe de Barry / Hans Lucas