"Chant d'espoir", from Mauthausen to Linz, 16/02/2014*

After visiting the camp of Mauthausen with Elisa, Hugh, Leo and Sara, I asked them to let me on the path near the river to come back to Atelierhaus Salzamt by foot, with 30 kgs of salt on back and learning the song "Chant d'espoir" which was composed by Jean Cayrol and Remy Gillis in 1944 ...

 From Mauthausen
Chapel of Mauthausen ( foto Béatrice Didier )

Starting point ( foto Hugh O Donnell )

 To Linz
Nibelgungbrucke ( foto Béatrice Didier)

This "walking performance" led to an installation ( objects, sounds, texts, fotos,...)  in the context of the exhibition EIGHT, curated by Elisa Andessner at Atelierhaus Salzamt

Thanks to Geneviève Dufey, Sylvia Hofer, Mathieu Richelle, Lutz Scholz and Jeanne Vanderwael

* This performance/installation is dedicated to my grandfather whose i forgot the name

With the support of  http://www.wbi.be/

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