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"Some thoughts about the derivation of contextual conceptions:

Somatic Culture as interaction of various forms of human existence, coincidental attendances and absences, spacious realities and circumstances, with levels and layers of enliven worlds and realities. A discourse of participatory modifications, human and place, gestus and habitus, dealing and wheeling, etc. These facts can be seen as parameters within the most different encounters. I call them parameters, because it appears as the most diverse structural difference in various encounters, not touching any cultural inheritance, not the daily cultural representation, nor founded by the cultural presence of a single person, a population, a nation. It is touched by the "idiosyncrasy of the daily" and therefore a temporal longer lasting period of the course of process than the particular representation of the particular national culture. Next to the ethnographic and anthropologic context there is the interest to explore relations of human encounter that embody itself as dynamic change and is to be defined as pre-cultural force. This is examined in various fields and I want to portrait some of them." B.Nieslony, 2013

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