The 10-hour encounter by Black Market International, Glasgow 26th february 2011

How to write about art performance? How to write about what we saw, what we eared, what we felt? Not as a art critic or a journalist, or... just as a witness. I really don't know... But i remember a sign that Roi Vara was holding: " If you see something, tell something..." So i took this proposition or this game very serioulsy and i wrote ....
( and sorry for my bad english;))

If you see something, write something

Pierres. Chairs. Béton. Briser la brique de béton. Souffler dans le tube de cuivre.
Sacs de papier. Sceaux de plastique noir. Berceau de bois. Bas de nylon chair. Marteau. Corde. Horloge. TV. Bouilloire- Sac rouge. Lampe- Canapé- Coupe de métal argenté- Bouteilles d'eau- Oiseau de plastique noir. Oiseau déposé sur livre. Ballon noir. Lunettes noires. Valise noire. Sceau noir- Noir-Rouge- Gants rouges- Thermo rouge- Papier cul bleau- Nappe bleue- Sacs bleus-
Helge dépose miroir sous tube de cuivre. Boris dépose pierres sur sol de béton. Lee part à la pêche. Elvira compte- Sur le chariot d'Alastair pieds et oreilles de cochons.
Coupe de métal. Oiseau mort mort toujours l'oiseau. " Hello " dit Myriam, parapluie dans main droite et valise dans main gauche. Peace in the black glasses of Lee. Art is Dead Dead is Art. And Lee dépose sa tête sur le dos de Jurgen.
Sceau noir- Scie jaune- Gants rouges. Julie scie les sceaux noirs avec la scie jaune.
Et Roi marche, marche, marche, marche en rond. Et marche sur les restes de sceau noir.
Julie pêche dans les cheveux de Myriam. A la pêche aux cheveux, à la pêche aux pieds de cochons, à la pêche à l'oreille de cochon.
Et Alastair verse l'eau du sceau sur le sol.
Et l'oreille de cochon se balance. Et l'eau monte et descend. Et l'oreille de cochon au bout de la canne de bambou écoute, traverse l'espace.
Au bout de la chevelure de Marco le miroir se balance et sur le ventre de Marco pierres et pierres et pierres. Myriam is flying and meet the bird. "O" "O" what i see au bout du parapluie?

"How to live forever?" Please Music Lee. Music and cut the air.
Pas d'oiseau sur le chariot d'Alastair. Feuille de roseau séché.
Alastair et Boris face à face.
Pierres sur têtes et face à face.
Elvira, pied sur pierre.
And Lee and Jurgen play music together. And Alastair is walking, walking, on the floor covered by water.
How to live forever?
How to live forever?
Maybe listen to the stones and to the stones in water. Try to move stones in water.
Juste laisse résoner le son de la pierre sur le béton, l'air dans les trous de métal, dans le tube de cuivre and walk walk... Just take a clothes peg on your back and listen to the world. Visit the world, travel in, don't try to be or to stay in. Be surprised about all you see, feel, touch,... like a "oh" which goes of your mouth. Because nothing is missing. All is there; just listen and play and look. The air is not only in the sky. The air is everywhere; also in a bottle of beer, in the harmonica you play, in the umbrella. Air is everywhere. Just play with him. And water.... do you know water? Do you know how to give water to stones? How to give a bath to stones? Take care of stones. If you take care of stones, you'll stay alive. Walk with stones. Dance with stones. Listen to the glass which felt down on the floor. And play with the planet. Planet is a ball you know?
Put your head on the stone.
Plays with the planet and don't take life so seriously. Life is a game on a black carpet where you can choose which mask to wear.
1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 31, 29, 4, 30, 23, 24, 17, 21, 11, 10, 6,.... How to live forever?
Just play with the dish in the water. Just try to catch the planet and to give again to your friend.
Take a miror and present this miror to your friend who is taking a stone in his hands.
Look in the mirror and you'll see the scar.
Try to put you head in the text of the book and try to carry the stone with your friend.
"What do you think?"
Put hands on your eyes, put hands on your mouth.
Try to stay on your four foots.
Look... love is in your eyes.

What do you think if you see in a black space a plastic bag, a red tie, a torch, an apple, a wallet, a geulophone, cartoon masks, a pen, a watch, a stapler, ...

Take a branch of tree, big and long, without any bud, in your hand and walk, walk...
Balance yourself and blow on the stone.
Take a rest, take a rest with the branch of the tree on your head. Silence. Silence of the world.
" Happy birthday to you " Come we'll drink together and i'll be your majorette.
Try to sing like the bird and all women will come to you.
Try to rock stones.
Give again feathers to the bird.
Let the pink plastic to fly in the air.
Live is easy you know?
Just give some cotton to stones.
See the sky is pink and all

"Garden birds, blackbirdsongs." ( )
"Shake everything you've got." ( )
On 14'th february it's the birthday of Marceo.
Hey shake the pink sky. The black bird is again ready to fly again. Wait i've forgotten my luggage in the sky.
Shake everything you've got .
Yes now the bird is flying again "Oh i'm flying" says the black bird.
How to live forever?
Shed up. The sentence of art is there. The hammer of justice will kill you. Please rock'n roll again!


Well, chicks grow up in blue balloons.

"Today i killed a man i didn't know" Johnny Cash.

Blue blue the world is blue.

111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 131, 133, 134, 135, 136, 139, 151, 5, 65, 63, 61, 51, .....

Yes i eat caroot's and i'm a rabbit.
"Oh" she says when she see something.
"Hello" she says "it's 2'o clock..... You are invited to a art critics. So what do you think?
"Oh" she says each time when she drinks water in the glass.

Black Market Black Market Black Market Black Market Black Market Black Market Black Market Black Market. The table becomes full of these words Black Market


What? The man who is turning bamboo sticks in opposite directions? The woman who is twisting plastic bags?

And again black market on black market... with 15 black pens, with clothes pegs on my face
I'm flying, oh, i'm flying
I'm hungry? I'm angry?
And the stone is broken. And the baby is broken. Come we'll play the rop together.


Oh it's snowing! It snows balls of white cotton.
Alastair the Chrismas father!


Silence... Silence in the space....

All faces are scared by life.
Don't be afraid by scary things. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid by your faces.

The planet continues to turn.
10 TV. TV are dead.
Please kill TV. Don't look to violence in TV. Look the violence in the world.

"How to destroy the universe?"

Wait we have time. I need first to eat my sandwich.
Come here, we'll dance together.
We'll open the pink ball and we'll dance together.
And stones will dance with us, blue hairs in the sky.
Come here my brother. Let us attach our two faces together with a rope. Come my dear we are twins. You and me are not separated. My face will take care of your face, we'll cross the pink sky.
Come here dear sister let us attach our faces together with a rope. Both of us are your brothers.
Come here dear sister we'll dance together. We are not separated.

The world continues to turn during this time.


My brothers, can we try to burn this link?


Cendrillon is ready to go to the ball.
The prince is sleeping under the pink sky.
Everything is under control.
Oh no it's not Cendrillon it's Blanche-Neige it's Blanche-Neige who will wake up the prince.

"- Hey darling, you are in the BMI performance right now
  • Hey Jack ( Sinead O'Donnell) super. What did you wear today? Black? High heels?
  • I have just shaved and cut my finger nails no high heels this time love
  • What size are you? Are you inside your tent? I'll play a song for you.
  • Now i have to get ready ready to wear the celtic uniform..." (...)
I have just played Marceo Parker but i think the BMI people didn't like it.
They are doing serious art and I'm an amateur as you might know "

Jürgen coughs in the geulophone.
Cigarette pause. It's 3pm

"How to destroy the universe?"


How? How? How? How?
Pink Pink Blue Blue Blue Blue Orange.
The pink is orange now.
A man with a pink wig.


The folksinger is sitting in silence on his bar's chair and cuts papers, words of songs. In silence:
"How much will they get out of it?"


Build your tower of matches and we' ll see.
Bows of bamboo opened on the play area.
Squares of pantie girdles.


"Ordinary Jo, got to free soul" is written on a piece of paper.
"Please can you pass the piece of the paper?"

On the center, the stone. From the stone hang two pink wigs and a blue wig. And a mirror.
A blue wig on the head of Julie. Julie tape la truite avec une tapette. And Alastair is walking with his chariot of objects.
The folksinger strums the guitar against the grey wall.
The flayswatter in the water on the floor.
"Oh i'm flying Oh"

And Alastair is walking with the chariot of objects and Julie is sitting on the charriot with her blue hands and her blue wig.


And Lee is standing up on a stone. And Boris is tidying up cotton flakes in the cradle. And backets fell down and Myriam tells "Oh" and Elvira builds a tour of matches and Alastair and Helge are playing with transparents gloves and transparent gloves are flying. And Jurgen is building new
bows with black tape and bamboo sticks. And Roi is still standing with a sign: ROTTEN TOMATOES AND OTHER VEGETABLES. And Alastair and Helge have blue feathers in their mouth.


And Jacques open a new bottle of beer and whistle in a whistle.
And Marco is looking after shoes and takes my right black shoe.


Jacques is walking with a plastic bag. In the plastic bag some plastic bags and some rings.
Some music.
Now 6 bamboo sticks which link the ceiling to the floor.
Police lights on TV.
Helge places the broken mirror under the clock. 4.25pm and seconds pass. And the day goes down. The setting sun in the shadow of branches behind the window. The shadow of the face of Roi. The face of Roi against the light.
A train passes.


Nothing is missing. We don't need anything else. Just to be here together.
Together in the same space. In the same time.
And heap of bamboo sticks.
Love Love crosses the space with a suitcase and her umbrella and tells "hello".
Marco is sitting on the chair.
Front feet of the chair base on twinkling lights.
Heap of bamboos in Jurgen's arms.
Julie's blue hands. Blue hands which bang the one against the other one.
And a train passes. It's 4.40 pm.
"Bye". The bird is no more flying.
"Allez tape tape tape tape tape tape tape des mains...."
Blue hand against blue hand and blue traces on the floor.
And Helge saws chair's feet. The chair on which Marco is sitting.
Sawdust in the feet of the chair.
Helge and Marco, face to face.
Chair's feet, face to face.
Bodies only on back feet of chairs.
Bamboo on bamboo on bamboo on bamboo on bamboo....
"Et tape dans ma main!"
Brains in the magnifying glass.
And the woman who is flying enters and leaves with her suitcase, with an umbrella, with a chair, with a bicycle, with a candlestick, with a disco ball........: "Byyyyyyyyyye!"
Brains in the magnifying glass.
TV with a flour scree.

Elvira cuts pink pompoms and blue wig

"Today is Rahmat Haron's birthday"
Elvira cuts the Julie's blue umbrella.


" We are no pervert"
Jurgen is singing: " Prot Prot?...."


Music with mirror's pieces.
Marco is playing music with mirror's pieces.
The hand of Julie is blue.
The hand of Boris is white with blue veins.
The hand of Myriam has a ring.
The hand of Marco has a ring.
The hand of Helge is with a garden glove.
The hand of Elvira unwinds a ball of wool.
The hand of Alastair is holding a pink pompom.
Tha hand of Roi is holding a sign.
The hand of Lee is holding a cap.
The hand of Jurgen is taking a mask.
And the kettle is boiling.

Military bag full of salt.
And Marco is carrying the military bag full of salt.

Helge is flying now. And Myriam is landing. "Ooh". And Lee says: "I'm flying... Oh... I'm flying" with a mask on his face. And Lee throws feathers in the air.
M: Oh
J: I'm flying
M: Oh
M: Oh
H: I'm flying
M: Oh
J: "I'm flying"
M: Oh
L: Oh
M: I'm flying
H: Who is flying?
Nobody is flying and nothing happens. Rest.

WHAT'S THE WAY IT IS? on green paper.

Fils rouges sur coton. Trempe le coton dans l'eau et lance le au plafond.

THAT' THE WAY IT IS? on pink paper.
The black bird is again ready to fly.
Music please music! Chinese music? Or japanese?
What time is it?
Time to eat. To eat blue paper.

Barrier or beach of salt and curtain of red wool.

Jurgen coughs in the geulophone.

Cigarette pause

"I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know what to do
What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? ...."

"Appelez les n° spéciaux. Simple immédiat et sans tracas".

Fall of nails.
Fall of nails on cymbals.
Frog on stone.

" I don't know what to do... " Housefull ( )

In the Jack's suitcase a cuddly heart, a crecelle, a trumpet, black shoes, black pant, black jacket,...
Cross the curtain of red wool and follow the river of salt and go to see the sheep who is bleating under the pink pompom.
And Myriam is bleating. And Jurgen is bleating. And Boris is bleating. And Myriam is bleating. And Marco is lowing, the face in the bucket
M: Oh
B: I'm flying.
It's 7pm and the cock is singing.
Green dress and green hands. THAT'S THE WAY IT IS?
Jump in the water. Jump in puddles.

"That's a good idea" says the sheep.
Alastair is sitting and keeps the branch of the tree. That's all. Nothing is missing.
Jacques is playing football.
Julie has a toad face.
Heap of chairs.
Roi is building a tower of chairs.
Tower of chairs,
Tower of stones,
Tower of bells,
Tower of buckets,
Tower of clothes pegs,
Tower of human limbs under branchs
Tower of bottles of beer,...

The man under the branch is silent. The woman is singing for him.

Blow in the conch and make bells resound.
Waves of brown wrapping papers
Matches, fire- fire in water.

Under wrapping papers Lee is flying.

How to live forever? How to live forever?

With bamboo sticks, Helge is flying. Sparrowhawk is flying. Rain of feathers, violin and battery.
Full night now. Cobwebs and bells. And the wind is blowing.
The folksinger, in the cradle: "I'm not a baby..."
OK. All together sing and dance.
On the mirror:

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