Into your arms/ Minuti

The little girl stays in Piyarson village. She's alone on the sand's floor.
With some threads of wool in her hand.
I come near her, i sit near her.
One by one, children come near the little girl.
Minuti begin to smile.
A little girl translate my questions in bengali:
What is your name?
Minuti. Nice to meet you Minuti. My name is Bea... Can you take me into your arms, Minuti?
Minuti tells yes with her head.
Minuti is too little to take me into her arms.
So Bea takes Minuti into her arms.

Bea takes Minuti into her arms and brings herto dance between the ground and the sky.
Like Shiva.
Through Minuti, Shiva dances.
On yesterday it was Shivaratri.
Today it's Mintiratri.
After dancing. i let Minuti on the floor.
Minuti disappears in the world.

During this time, Tatoo is writing on the wall:
J'ai retrouve - Quoi? - L'eternite" Rimbaud 


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