Monday, July 16, 2018

" Circle ( from feathers to roses ) ", in the context of exhibition at Maison Fevret, july 2018

Photos © Béatrice Didier and Calypso Breon

This performance was created in the context of the exhibition " 34 jours pour atteindre le Bonheur", curated by Jeanne Laurent, at La Maison Févret in july 2018.
Thanks to them for hosting me for this evening.

Monday, July 2, 2018

" Hidden dimension ", in the context of SPOIWA 2018, TRAFO, Szczecin

Photos  © Béatrice Didier and Judith Ferreras

This solo performance was created for TRAFO space, according to the thematic "Hidden dimension".
In the context of SPOIWA Festival, organized by Kana Theater.
Thanks to Antoni Karwowski, his students and Kana Theater

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Something is going to happen. Performance Art. Atelier Salzamt, Linz, 27th june 2018

Fotos © Béatrice Didier, Gerald Harringer and Wolfgang Preisinger

This performance was created in the context of the evening Something is going to happen. Performance Art and based on three words sent by Boris Nieslony: money, hand, empty.
Three years after a project at Atelier Salzamt where i developped a project from action to insstallation, this was the occasion to go on the opposite way: from installation to action.
Thanks to Elisa Andessner, Atelier Salzamt and Die Fabrikanten.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

34 jours pour atteindre le bonheur. Exposition et Salon de Curiosités

Du 28 juin au 31 juillet 2018

9 bis rue Févret, Semur-en-Auxois

Côte d’Or, France

Ouvert tous les jours sauf lundi

11h - 13h et 16h - 19h

entrée libre

avec la participation des artistes :

Magali Bard 

Clara Bruley

Béatrice Didier

Jeanne Laurent

Prathap Modi  

Cécile Pantelleria 

Damien Racine

Susanna Schnibbe

Cynthia Schwertsik



«Nous sommes tous des fragments, sans formes et de diverses compositions, au point que chaque pièce, chaque moment, joue son propre jeu ; ainsi, il y a autant de différences entre nous et nous-mêmes qu'il y a de différences entre nous et autrui.» 

"We are all patchwork, and so shapeless and diverse in composition that each bit, each moment, plays its own game; so there is as much difference between us and ourselves as there is between us and others".  Michel de Montaigne

Exposition et Salon de Curiosités

Peintures, gravures, sculptures, photographies, textiles, installations, objets curieux, poésie, musique...

Pour la saison d’été, La Maison Févret présente une exposition et un salon de curiosités rassemblant des artistes de divers horizons, Allemagne, Autriche, Australie, Belgique, Brésil, France, Inde. Des œuvres évoquant, avec simplicité et talent, notre relation aux corps et objets ornés de mémoires et bruits insolites du monde.

Le salon de thé offre détente et plaisir en son jardin et magnifique vue sur la ville et le ciel de Semur-en-Auxois, un temps pour se reposer et rencontrer les artistes de l’exposition, ouverte à toutes et tous et à toutes les bourses.

Exhibition and Curiosity Saloon

Painting, engraving, sculpture, photography, textile, installation, curious objects, poetry, music...

For the summer season, La Maison Févret presents an exhibition and a curiosity saloon gathering artists from various regions, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, India. Artworks focusing, with talent and simplicity, our relation to bodies and objects gifted by memory and strange sounds of the world.

The tea saloon offers pleasure and relaxing moment in the garden and its magnificient view on town and Semur-en-Auxois’ sky. A time to rest and meet the artists of the exhibition, open to everyone and all budgets.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Asregen, 14th april 2018

 Asregen is the last part of the triptych Vulkaanuitbarsting / Horror Vacui / Asregen. At the end of 2016 the Volcano erupted and Extrapool was filled with explosive performances in sound and image. After the violence of this first event, the air was not immediately cleared. A number of artists felt attracted to this and filled the space with theatrical performances during Horror Vacui. Now the air has finally come to a standstill and the ash is whirling down in the venue. The mess of the past will foul the soil, but eventually new life will be born from the fertile ashes. Extrapool invites Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, Ronald Bal and Beatrice Didier to transfer both the apocalyptic and the hope of recovery to the audience.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

ART PERFORMANCE LAB : Space-Time-Body-Object and the Other(s)

Manmeet Devgun, Foto Taejinder Kapoor

Priyanka Choudhary
Kathyayini Dash
Manmeet Devgun
Niranjani Iyer
Murari Jha
Tushar Joag
B. Ajay Sharma 
Tomo Seto
Yashwant Singh
Abhinav Yagnik

This workshop was organized by Daastaan Culture Lab in collaboration with FICA 

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